Welcome to Podstel – The World’s First CrowdSourced Hostel.

Set to open in 2016 in Leipzig, Germany, Podstel is a travellers’ hostel with a compelling vision:

“We believe in positive change through travel and education.”

Here is how we are going to do it:

1. CrowdSourced – A Hostel Built by You

Over the last 3 years, we have nurtured a tight knitted community of inspiring individuals who have helped shaped the Podstel concept into what it is today.

Whether it was a hitchhiker offering novel ideas, a traveller writing a guest blog, or a friendly donation from a stranger, Podstel has grown leaps and bounds because of the people we have met on our journey.

We want this open-sourced approach to continue and envisage a Podstel built by the very people who will come to use it.

Podstel wants to involve the community in the following areas:

  • Phase 1 – Ideation & Planning (Crowdfunding Campaign, Networking).
  • Phase 2 – Hostel Development (Hostel renovations, construction, marketing).
  • Phase 3 – Hostel Operations (Running workshops, events, adventures, volunteering).

2. You Grow Through Travel

We believe that travel and education are crucial catalysts for one’s self-development and creating positive change in the world.

Typically, a hostel will provide their guests with a place to rest their head and socialise. We want to go beyond that by offering guests a platform to shareexperience and connect.

Podstel will go the extra mile by running imaginative workshops (e.g. self-realisation, cooking, photography, resourceful travelling), events and adventures, which will give our guests the opportunity to experience new things, build their skill set and meet like-minded people as they travel the world.

So whether it is a skill that you are eager to develop, a passion you would love to share, or whether you simply have a desire to hang out with like-minded people, let Podstel be your platform!

3. Your Own Pod

We have done our fair share of long-term travel and understand the importance of:

• A good nights sleep

• Privacy

• Sufficient storage space

Kiss goodbye to the wobbly metal bunks, lack of storage space and other hostel hang ups. Our next generation and exclusively designed Japanese Pod Capsules give you all the space you need whilst striking the perfect balance between community and privacy.

Like what Podstel is doing? Then why not get involved.

We would love to hear what you’ve got to say! If you have any ideas or suggestions, get in touch here.

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