Which Black Ops 3 Weapons Are the Best?

If you’re interested in the 1st-person shooter game, Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, you may also be curious about which weapons are most popular with people who play the game. We looked up some polls online and discovered the most crowd-pleasing favorites! In case you’re unfamiliar, Black Ops 3 was developed by Treyarch and its publisher is Activision. It’s a video game which is the 12th entry in the legendary Call of Duty series. It’s actually a sequel to Black Ops II, which was released in 2012.

bo3 shock armamentsBlack Ops 3 Is Fun to Play

This video game is set in 2065. This means that forty years have passed since everything went down during Black Ops 2. The world is changing rapidly, thanks to advanced technology and the perils of climate change. Like other iterations of Black Ops, the story is focused on the activities of a squad of soldiers who do black ops missions. Designed for one to four players, this game features level design that is very open and relatively few corridor shooting setups.

Players may perform a host of special activities, because player characters have cybernetic enhancements. As well, there is Zombies Mode, for a frightening and fast-paced change of mood! Nightmares Mode is also available.

Now that we’ve talked a bit about the game, let’s discuss its most beloved weapons. These particular weapons rate highly in polls, because they allow players to inflict maximum (virtual) damage!

Go For These Popular Weapons

First off, the premier SMG is the Kuda. If you’re interested in finding the best assault rifle, we recommend the five star-rated Man-o-War. In terms of shotguns, you’ll benefit from giving the Argus a try. Also, there is a light machine gun called the Dingo which is a superb choice. If you want a sniper rifle, go for the Locus. For pistols, we think that the RK5 offers the most benefits to players. If you’re interested in using a launcher, you’ll probably love what the Blackcell has to offer.

When you add these Black Ops 3 weapons to your arsenal, you’ll be ready for almost anything. They are solid picks which offer users the accuracy, force and damage that they are looking for. Some weapons are ideal for certain circumstances. A pistol is going to come in handy in a tight space, while an SMG (submachine gun) is going to deliver more punch in a larger space.

Now that you know the best weapons, why not play Black Ops 3 today?

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