Making a Router Table from some scraps of off-cuts

Router Table

There were days when you would get a router table online easily for as low as £25. It was a complete success for the customers.

We tried searching for what are the best router tables online and to our surprise, we found that none of them was large enough. That’s why we thought to build a router table from scratch.

In this article, we are going to talk about how to build a router table from a scrap of offcuts.

Let’s jump right in…

First, you need to cut an 18mm play and mark it so that you get at least a 500 mm from the cutting head.

A notable thing that is present in a router table is that it has M7 sized holes in the bench. Thus it is usually easy to search for coach bolts that fit the 18mm piece and 40mm worktop.

Now as soon as the center hole got drilled, the router was ready to be placed.

First, we fix the router to the board and after that fix the board to the workbench.

Now there’s one thing that I need to make here:

This is not the safest way to use a router as there is neither any guard not any fence, feather board or any stuff like that. A piece of wood is present that runs parallel to the bench edge.

Now in order to create 3mm MDF sheets, cut it with the exposed cutting head, rotate through 90 degrees and repeatingsheets

During our testing, we found that even if you feed the wood at fast speed, slow speeds, none of that will make a difference.

Fortunately enough the router table gives dust while cutting wood. But it will get cleared by a piece of sandpaper without any issues.

Dead Bodies Found Under Podstel in South Africa


Podstel is one of the great places to stay together with your friends. It is a hostel where different types of the community live together. You can find the number of podstel in Pretoria. There are many funerals available in the Pretoria, South Africa. Recently the people in

Recently the people in podstel found the Funerals, that is located under podstel in South Africa. It is a common thing that people found a number of funerals under the podstel.

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People must be aware that most of podstel available with funerals. If any people lost their life will bury and follows the way of cremation service across the city.

Funeral Parlours

Funeral Parlours

As per the source, a number of funeral undertakers in Pretoria are available. Some of the funeral undertakers are city angels, Prestige burial services, Sonja Smith funeral group, Doves funeral insurance and more. As we all know, most of the people are living in podstel alone without parents. 

They may live till the end, after losing their life they will bury near to that podstel. Most of the podstels in South Africa built near Funerals as well.

Podstel Near Funerals

Recently, the funerals have been found under the podstel in South Africa. Likewise, there is more number of funerals found across the Pretoria. It’s been trending news across the continent where the number of funerals found under the podstels.

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Rumors spreading over the continent like there were a number of people were buried before the podstel built. This is the reason, and they found the funerals of people recently. One of the Funeral services in Pretoria has found those funerals as per the information.

Does Podstel and Hostel is Same Thing?


It is one of the great things to remember that the people across the world always want to live in PodStel. On the other side, people came from their country and states for working and studying will stay in a hostel.

The hostels and PodStels are available across many places. Those who are all looking for staying further in Podstel with the particular community can follow the places. Many community places are there for the people to remain with each other for a long time. One will know come to know that staying with friends is a beautiful moment.

Why hostels for the people?


There are more numbers of people staying for their studies as well. There you will find grounds to play, Television to watch cinemas every weekend. It is the impressive set of play with your friends to enjoy at the hostel. For studying, students of schools and colleges usually, will select a place like a hostel. People who are all also working in the companies out of the town can also prefer mostly hostels to stay.

The schools and colleges also have their hostels to keep the students to stay there. One thing is sure, that this stuff is mainly happening with the youngsters.

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Difference between Hostels and Podstels

Almost both the hostel and Podstel are the same regarding living with the friends. But still, you could find the difference between the hostel and PodStel. Yes, PodStel is also like a room to stay with friends, but it is for a community. The communities for a certain people who are always want to show their passion.

For example, the podstel for the music lovers, games lovers. On the other side, a hostel is like living in a room with friends. Especially the hostel is for students and working employees. Hope, the difference between the hostel and PodStel is helping you to know very well.

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Why all People Love to Live in PodStel

Podstel Life

PodStel is one of the places to remember for a long time. People who were and who are all there will explain you clearly about the beautiful moments. In most of the countries, PodStel is building for the people that who always want to live there for a long time. Especially the people from other countries came to studying and working will agree to stay in PodStel. There are most of the people make their best friends from that community hostel only. One could see many PodStels across the nations. Those who all want to be a part of PodStel can visit there.

There are most of the people make their best friends from that community hostel only. One could see many PodStels across the nations. Those who all want to be a part of PodStel can visit there.

Why people prefer podstel

Get enjoyable life

Rather than living family many of the youngsters use to live in PodStel. The People with a gang and team will always have great fun. Always, people go for roaming with friends for shopping, movies and more. It is one of the great feels that staying with friends and having a lot of fun and entertainment. According to the recent survey, people across the globe always live in PodStel with their roommates. One should be aware of many types of PodStels are available for the people to stay at anytime.

According to the recent survey, people across the globe always live in PodStel with their roommates. One should be aware of many types of PodStels are available for the people to stay at anytime.

Don’t miss PodStel Life

Podstel Life

We all know that the PodStel life earns you a more memorable moment. Yes, the different and unique kind of life, you will experience only staying in PodStel. Those people who are all looking for some interesting and exciting life can stay in PodStel. Some of the PodStel also has the things to get entertain for all the time. There is many community hostels are there each and everyone supports the people for entertainment. These are the main reasons that why all the people across the globe wants to live in PodStel.

There is many community hostels are there each and everyone supports the people for entertainment. These are the main reasons that why all the people across the globe wants to live in PodStel.

Visit PodStel

The above beautiful information about the PodStel will give more excitement. Yes, living with your friends for the work in a hostel will be more interesting. At least visit once in a life and know about the people’s life staying there. It will please you forever.

4 years. 4 continents. 38 countries. 50,000km.
 A Dream to set up a hostel with a difference.

The Podstel concept was created almost 4 years ago when Daniel and Sam decided to embark on an epic world adventure with a big dream to open a hostel with a difference at the end of their trip.


Their journey started in 2012 when they booked a one-way ticket to Australia. A couple of weeks later, they found themselves in the outback looking for backpacker work to fund their travels. For the next 12 month’s they grinded out long hours in the intense heat shovelling grain, making wine, planting vegetables, washing trucks and doing whatever work they could to fund their world adventure.

After a successful year saving and planning in the outback, including an inspirational hostel trip down the East coast, Podstel was born.

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Daniel and Sam spent the next 3 years travelling across 38 countries on 4 continents. They lived incredibly resourcefully, spending on average €5 a day, hitchhiking their way across Asia, Europe, and North America while visiting hostels, and building the Podstel concept from the road.

Some of their memorable journeys include: trekking to 5400m in the Himalayas, motorbiking 3,000km’s across Vietnam, hitchhiking 7,000km across Europe and 20,000km’s across Canada and America.

Throughout their journey their passion for travel and hospitality blossomed and they became determined to understand what made a great hostel.

They worked at and stayed in hundreds of hostels, filled dozens of notepads with ideas and feedback from 1000s of backpackers, developed a compelling vision and ideology, and inspired many people they met to travel by sharing their story and building a tight-knitted community around Podstel.

After many transformative and memorable experiences, they have secured €100,000 in investment and are now based in Leipzig, Germany planning their next steps and searching for partners and a building/location for the first Podstel.

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Does any of this story resonate with you? If so, we’d love to hear from you. Get in touch here.


A Story from Daniel Beaumont, Founder of Podstel

“Podstel – A shoestring hostel project started by a traveller as he roams the world.”

I’m writing this passage after 1-½ years on the road. In that time I’ve travelled 24 countries across 4 continents. From motorbiking Vietnam, working in outback Australia, trekking the Himalayas, hitchhiking Northern Thailand, cycling Tasmania and road tripping New Zealand, I quickly learnt that…

Life is all about experiencing as much of this beautiful world as possible with the people that count. Experiences and great memories are the only things that remain with us – absolutely – until the day we die.

Upon graduating, I was confused. I knew I didn’t want to follow society’s expectations and trap myself in routine by seeking a safe corporate job. In the spur of the moment, I grabbed my backpack and booked a one-way flight to Australia.

It took the first 6 months of life changing experiences to put two and two together and transform my newfound passion of travel into a business venture.

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On 30th April 2013, I was sat in my hostel bed ready to embark on a crazy adventure across South East Asia. Then it hit me – my previous six months in Australia had been surreal. I had met so many weird and wonderful people that exhibited new dimensions and layers I’d never witnessed before. At that moment, I decided that this would be my life work, and subsequently, Podstel was born.

Since that day I’ve stayed at over 300+ hostels/hotels, not to mention the car parks, street benches, couches, buses, parks, tents, gardens, sheep sheering sheds, beaches and lots and lots of  hard floors.

I’ve written countless journals, brainstormed intensely and made note after note on every hostel I’ve visited. I’ve written observations on what I loved, what I disliked and what could be improved. I’ve spent many days daydreaming and visioning what a Podstel Hostel would look like and how it would feel.

I asked people what they thought about my ideas and what they would want to see in a Podstel Hostel. More and more people were willing to share their ideas with me, and each idea took Podstel one step closer to reality. It seemed only natural that Podstel should continue to grow through the collaboration of people’s idea; since these are the very people that would come to use Podstel in the future.

Which takes us to this point on Podstel’s exciting journey… From May 2014 I’m taking Podstel to Northern America to spread the world, gather inspiration, ideas, and sponsorship; whilst I hitchhike, CouchSurf and volunteer my way across Canada and the USA seeking great experiences. I’m going to be filming and documenting everything. You can follow the journey by keeping an eye on Podstel’s PodBlog.