Making a Router Table from some scraps of off-cuts

There were days when you would get a router table online easily for as low as £25. It was a complete success for the customers.

We tried searching for what are the best router tables online and to our surprise, we found that none of them was large enough. That’s why we thought to build a router table from scratch.

In this article, we are going to talk about how to build a router table from a scrap of offcuts.

Let’s jump right in…

First, you need to cut an 18mm play and mark it so that you get at least a 500 mm from the cutting head.

A notable thing that is present in a router table is that it has M7 sized holes in the bench. Thus it is usually easy to search for coach bolts that fit the 18mm piece and 40mm worktop.

Now as soon as the center hole got drilled, the router was ready to be placed.

First, we fix the router to the board and after that fix the board to the workbench.

Now there’s one thing that I need to make here:


This is not the safest way to use a router as there is neither any guard not any fence, feather board or any stuff like that. A piece of wood is present that runs parallel to the bench edge.

Now in order to create 3mm MDF sheets, cut it with the exposed cutting head, rotate through 90 degrees and repeatingsheets

During our testing, we found that even if you feed the wood at fast speed, slow speeds, none of that will make a difference.

Fortunately enough the router table gives dust while cutting wood. But it will get cleared by a piece of sandpaper without any issues.

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