A Story from Daniel Beaumont, Founder of Podstel

“Podstel – A shoestring hostel project started by a traveller as he roams the world.”

I’m writing this passage after 1-½ years on the road. In that time I’ve travelled 24 countries across 4 continents. From motorbiking Vietnam, working in outback Australia, trekking the Himalayas, hitchhiking Northern Thailand, cycling Tasmania and road tripping New Zealand, I quickly learnt that…

Life is all about experiencing as much of this beautiful world as possible with the people that count. Experiences and great memories are the only things that remain with us – absolutely – until the day we die.

Upon graduating, I was confused. I knew I didn’t want to follow society’s expectations and trap myself in routine by seeking a safe corporate job. In the spur of the moment, I grabbed my backpack and booked a one-way flight to Australia.

It took the first 6 months of life changing experiences to put two and two together and transform my newfound passion of travel into a business venture.

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On 30th April 2013, I was sat in my hostel bed ready to embark on a crazy adventure across South East Asia. Then it hit me – my previous six months in Australia had been surreal. I had met so many weird and wonderful people that exhibited new dimensions and layers I’d never witnessed before. At that moment, I decided that this would be my life work, and subsequently, Podstel was born.

Since that day I’ve stayed at over 300+ hostels/hotels, not to mention the car parks, street benches, couches, buses, parks, tents, gardens, sheep sheering sheds, beaches and lots and lots of  hard floors.

I’ve written countless journals, brainstormed intensely and made note after note on every hostel I’ve visited. I’ve written observations on what I loved, what I disliked and what could be improved. I’ve spent many days daydreaming and visioning what a Podstel Hostel would look like and how it would feel.

I asked people what they thought about my ideas and what they would want to see in a Podstel Hostel. More and more people were willing to share their ideas with me, and each idea took Podstel one step closer to reality. It seemed only natural that Podstel should continue to grow through the collaboration of people’s idea; since these are the very people that would come to use Podstel in the future.

Which takes us to this point on Podstel’s exciting journey… From May 2014 I’m taking Podstel to Northern America to spread the world, gather inspiration, ideas, and sponsorship; whilst I hitchhike, CouchSurf and volunteer my way across Canada and the USA seeking great experiences. I’m going to be filming and documenting everything. You can follow the journey by keeping an eye on Podstel’s PodBlog.

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